PDF Squeezer for Mac 好用的PDF文件压缩工具

PDF Squeezer 是一款 Mac 上压缩PDF文件大小的工具,仅需要简单的拖拽,就可以快速的压缩PDF文件的体积,针对图片生成的PDF文件可以很好的压缩大小,支持批量处理和自定义压缩配置。


  • 只需将文件拖放到应用程序窗口中即可
  • 从预定义的压缩过滤器中选择或创建自己的
  • 批量压缩多个文件
  • 压缩文件夹及其子文件夹中的所有文件
  • Finder和Preview附件可通过共享菜单进行
  • 支持受密码保护的PDF
  • 通过“一键压缩”自动压缩和保存,实现更好的工作流程

Version 4.0.1:

  • PDF Squeezer 4 has been redesigned from the ground up. Nothing has been left untouched
  • The app now comes with its own Automator action, which lets you create powerful workflows
  • The compression profiles have been expanded with many new options to remove unnecessary resources
  • All languages have been updated and new languages have been added, including: Ukrainian, Norwegian, Indonesian, Hebrew, Korean, Finnish, Swedish, Arabic, Turkish, Danish and Czech
  • Install the integrated Quick Action for easy access of PDF Squeezer from other apps like the Finder or the Touch Bar
  • The comparison mode has been redone, making it super easy to compare files and different compression settings side by side
  • You can now let the app compress files that are dropped into a specific folder using a Folder Action
  • A compression can now be stopped
  • A customisable toolbar has been added at the top of the window
  • A statusbar with information about all files such as average best compression rate has been added
  • Compression profiles can be changed directly in the main window which makes it very easy to try different settings
  • It is now possible to export compression profiles and share them with others
  • The app icon has been updated by Raphael Lopes
  • @raphaellopesph
  • The app window now supports fullscreen mode which is peculiarly useful with the new comparison feature
  • The handling of large number of files has been improved
  • You can now let the app try multiple compression profiles automatically until a compression was successful
  • A Notification shows up and plays a sound after all files have been compressed
  • A default output folder can be specified in the preferences
  • An Open Recent menu has been added to the File-Menu and the Dock icon
  • An indicator has been added to the sidebar to show if the compression was successful
  • An option has been added to always show the sidebar or to show it automatically if more than one file has been added
  • New files can now be compressed automatically or by clicking a button
  • Statistics have been added to the PDF Squeezer menu to show how much disk space you have saved since the first launch of PDF Squeezer 4
  • The original file is now being placed in the Trash before overwriting it so you can recover it later
  • The width of the sidebar and the main window size and position is now being remembered across various launches of the app
  • You can now sort the files in the sidebar


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